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How Flowers Got Their Smell

A long time ago, above ancient Greece, on mount Olympus, there was the Goddess of flowers. Her name was Floria. She created and sent to Earth hundreds of flowers and owned millions of smells.

Lower on Earth, all the flowers were always arguing about who was the most beautiful, who was the most colourful, the biggest, the smallest. But no flower back then had any scent so luckily they couldn’t argue about that one!

The next day it was a bright summer morning so Floria went for a ride on a cloud. It was Floria’s day off. At first it was peaceful, but then she heard the flowers arguing about who had the most petals. She hated it when they argued! She leaned over the edge to get a better look but then….
She fell!! Floria knew she couldn’t climb back on the cloud by herself. She also knew she couldn’t get any help because in the area under her were only the selfish flowers of all sorts.

At last, all the flowers stopped arguing when they heard the thump.Then they all crowded around her.
“Are you ok?”asked Petunia.
“Yes, I’m fine,”said Floria. “Can you help me get back on the cloud?”
Then the flowers realized that they had to stop arguing and cooperate to help Floria.

They each took 1 leaf and 1 petal off themselves. Then all the flowers slowly started to sort the different petals and leaves. Petunia worked with Iris, Dandylion with Sunflower and Daisy with Lily.

After that , the flowers built up a rainbow-ladder out of all those petals.And what a great ladder it was! Floria thanked them from the bottom of her heart and climbed up.
When she was back on the cloud, she went to get something special. When she came back, her hands were full of millions of her perfumes. She walked closer to the edge of the cloud and threw them all down onto the flowers to reward them for their help and kindness. And that is how flowers got their smell!



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