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Pleasant Feelings

Poetry artphoto

Photo-Haiku is putting haiku and photo together.


the bird sits alone,
quietly longing in hope,
waiting for his mate

little bird


orange, red, yellow
dancing leaves falling softly,
autumn happiness

Autumn leaves


drifting with the tide
dance happily in the wind
autumn sunset glow

Travel theme: Autumn


What a precious gift,
beauty of the naked truth
love, trust and honesty.

Weekly writing challenge: Haiku


sweet cherry blossoms

every shade of pink and rose

delicate petals

drifting on a fresh spring breeze

leafs and buds filed with raindrops

Weekly writing challenge: Tanka


Green young fresh leaves, spring
branches reaching for the sky,
a new buds of life.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Bark or Leaves


blue, white

singing, chirping, fluttering,

jumping among leaves, blossoming beauty

flourishing, blooming, smelling

sweet, fragrant


Writing challenge: diamante poem

Thank you for reading!


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