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Writing 201: Poetry (ballad)

The Old Neighbourhood

Dilapidated houses,
like old men,
testify to times past.
And every house tells the tale
of someone’s life.
The old stairways remember
the heavy steps of their dwellers,
and those were many.
By the home fireplace they were born.
In the gardens they grew.
They walked the narrow alleys.
New children run there now.

In response to Day 7: Neighborhood, Ballad, Assonance
Writing 201: Poetry!

Today’s form: ballad

Ballads are dramatic, emotionally-charged poems that tell a story, often about bigger-than-life characters and situations.
Ballads had their roots in danced songs, and were traditionally composed using ballad meter and ballad stanzas.
Their history notwithstanding, by now there are no strict rules governing the structure of ballads — they can be long, short, rhymed, or unrhymed — though it’s still common for ballads to have a refrain.


  1. This is indeed a ballad full of powerful emotion! 🙂 Nice one. 🙂
    I love this lines the most:
    “The old stairways remember
    the heavy steps of their dwellers”

    And I do Writing 201, too! 🙂


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