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Writing 201: Poetry (sonnet)


Sunshine is spreading all over
the sea’s expanse.
It looks as if amorous play
has just begun
between the heavens and the sea.
The scent of the water rises
and seems to invite the sun
to taste the beauty.

The wind ruffles the sea
and with its waves,
it caresses the wind,
immersing it in the blueness
to hide it with pleasure
like a golden lyre in one’s bosom.

(Modern Sonnet) In response to Day 10: Pleasure, Sonnet, Apostrophe
Writing 201: Poetry!

Today’s form: sonnet
A sonnet is normally composed of 14 lines of verse.
There are several ways you can split your sonnet into stanzas (if you wish to), though the most common ones are 8-6 and 4-4-3-3.
Likewise, if you decide to use rhyme in your sonnet, you can choose between various rhyming schemes, like ABAB BCBC CDCD EE, ABAB CDCD EFEF GG, or ABBA ABBA CDC DCD, among others.
To rhyme or not to rhyme! 🙂 Because to write poetry in English is difficult for me, even more to rhyme, my response is modern sonnet, with no rhyme. I know English well enough to communicate, but to write poetry is hard to express thoughts and feelings, when poetry is written in a foreign language is like you translate your thoughts. (But I will write with rhyme next sonnet)



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