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Alphabet (Cyrillic)

Археолошки музеј  на Македонија  Archaeological Museum of Macedonia

The Macedonian Cyrillic alphabet has 31 letters that correspond to the 31 sounds (5 vowels and 26 consonants).
The Letters of the alphabet (азбука кирилица) are:
А а , Б б , В в , Г г , Д д , Ѓ ѓ , Е е , Ж ж , З з , Ѕ ѕ , И и , Ј ј , К к , Л л , Љ љ , М м , Н н , Њ њ , О о , П п , Р р , С с , Т т , Ќ ќ , У у , Ф ф , Х х , Ц ц , Ч ч , Џ џ , Ш ш .

The Museum is situated in the center of Skopje, next to the popular Stone Bridge, represents a brilliant cultural place, splendid architectural style which is recently constructed as part of the project Skopje 2014. (Art Bridge)

Weekly photo challenge: Alphabet



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