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Vintage embroidery. So welcoming, calming and relaxing. Loved doing this with my grandmother. She was master in making beautiful embroidered bedding sets, tablecloths and napkins, pillow cases, aprons, knitted chair pads, doily cups, pockets hanging storage bags for combs and brushes, crochet lace borders, shelf edgings, all by hand. I remember her changing them in themes for the holidays or for the season. And very pretty lace bowls, made with natural fabric stiffener from crochet and lace doiliesAll little pieces of art, now they remind you of happy time, place and people you loved! I do have several pieces of vintage embroidered works, I know they weren’t made to be stored in a drawer or a box forever, but I like to keep them safely stored as precious memories.


She showed me how to draw a pattern on fabric with a pencil, then embroider over it with colorful threads. I began to design my own cross stitch flower design, lovingly taught to me by my grandmother.


She was making decorative dolls with clothes like-traditional costumes. And she had a loom at home, I was fascinated from my grandmother’s skills and talent, how creative she was in a way of embroidering , knitting, sewing, and weaving. It was my grandmother who first encouraged me about creative works.

Bread taste better wrapped in a vintage towel 🙂

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  1. Such beautiful embroidery. Your grandma certainly has a great skill there, and she thought you well. She must be proud of your work too. When I was a kid, I also did this kind of embroidery and mum would encourage me to do flowers. I liked it, but my eyes became tired after a while 😀


  2. How lovely your memories are. I have a lovely embroidered tablecloth that my mother made for me 60 years ago. It still looks as good as new yet I use it every day.
    I also have lots of crochet pieces she made but I store them in tissue in my wardrobe as they are a bit old fashioned now. Every now and then I get them out and display them. They are beautiful.


  3. It’s so beautiful having a memories to look back on and smile, such a sweet, sweet embroidery. A good grandmother knows how to make her grandchildren feel special while teaching them.


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  5. Love your post. My daughter and I recently found a treasure trove of embroidered tablecloths and other linens. My favorites and these were in pristine condition so I purchased several. I have always had doilies on my tables and end stands. No need to put them away in drawers when they can be enjoyed daily. Nice memories!!


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