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One Love (Agape)

Four birds, symbolic photo, the Ancient Greeks had four distinct words for love: agape, phileo (friendship), eros (romantic, erotic) and storge (family).

One Love, the highest form of love, Agape or selfless love is unconditional, to all people, whether family members or distant strangers, universal loving kindness.

As a language enthusiast when I started learning Greek I was fascinated by the beauty and the richness of the language. I especially love compounds (are made by joining whole words together).

Weekly Photo Challenge: One Love


  1. Thank you for sharing, I had forgotten that the English language uses the word love for everything so its meaning is watered down.


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  3. I found this very interesting, wonderful explanation. These four are powerful words, and they speak with the power of love. Very inspirational and beautiful!


  4. Love is one of the most wonderful emotions. Many of us dream of growing old with a person we really love. The problem is, we forget to love ourselves.


  5. beautiful. I can’t speek Greek but for my BA I did a 30 credit module on ‘Myth in the greek and Roamn worlds’ – I still find all things Greek and Roman fascinating


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