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WPC: Half-Light (sea)

seagulls longing cry
flying free on a blue sky
waves caress the rock playful
summer day so beautiful


winter morning cold,
the waves roll,
pearly white sea foam
playful salt waters


drifting with the tide
dance happily in the wind
autumn sunset glow


the wind ruffles the sea
and with its waves,
it caresses the wind,
immersing it in the blueness

Weekly Photo Challenge: Half-Light
Share a photo inspired by a poem, verse, song lyric or story.

Poems I wrote for the WP Poetry Writing challenges.


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  2. Very nice way to start the day with the most positive attitude. A delightful poems and photos to raise a smile and happiness. My favorite is “dance happily in the wind”.


  3. Beautiful set of shots, and lovely poem to go along with them as well. My favourite line is, “the wind ruffles the sea”. Isn’t that true – there is always wind at the ocean and along the beach. The wind and the sea must be best friends 😀 My favourite shot has to be the one of the seagulls – well timed 🙂


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