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Pretend play

Pretend play is a creative act and some creativity researchers have identified that pretend play in childhood affects the development of creativity in adulthood.

Pretend play was my favorite such as pretending to be astronaut landing on the moon, exploring fantasy cosmos. Other favorite was pretending orchestra leader, I had orchestra of fantasy musicians, and audience of my dolls. Sometimes I pretended I play violin or piano. (on the radio classical music was played in the background). I still admire great conductors and astronauts. Other fun was pretend play giving different voices to my teddy bears and dolls.  🙂

What was your favorite pretend play in childhood?

The Daily Prompt: Pretend


  1. Lucid dreaming and visualization just takes to a new level pretending. Interestingly, dreaming has real-life benefits, the power of believing really works, it’s energy. And the little mental trick is to be grateful for already having.


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