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Snapdragon transformation


Dried Snapdragon seed pods   Snapdragon transformation

Snapdragons make cute flowers, but when the seed pods dry, they look like tiny skulls  🙂

Also known as the dragon flower, its common name derives from the resemblance of the flower to a dragon’s head.

Harvest a few of those odd-looking seedpods and you can save snapdragon seeds for planting next spring. Put the seeds in a paper envelope and store them in a cool, dark place.

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  1. Wow! pictures of dragon flower skulls, a bit creepy like human face screaming 😮
    Even as flowers are dried and turn a pale, they are beautiful! 🙂


  2. Amazing macro shots that are impressive!!
    Unusual fantastic small mystical garden..Some people believed a few of these little pods scattered around the house would protect from curses and evil.


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