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Geranium flower

Geranium budding flower blooming 

I have read recipes with fresh Pelargonium species geranuim leaves, but never tried. The leaves and flowers of Sweet-scented geranium are edible and are used to add flavour to teas, cakes, salads, sauces, sweet breads. It is believed that geranium oil has a relaxing effect when used in aromatherapy or bathe in water perfumed with scented geranium.

Non-stop bloomers, will keep flowering from spring until late autumn, resilient geraniums grown indoors can endure light frosts in the winter. They are so forgiving, they flower all the time with such little care, just give them full sun or partial shade and moderate amounts of water.

On Balkan there is tradition to plant Geranium macrorrhizum in front of homes to bring good health and longevity to all family members and to those entering.



    • Thanks very much for the lovely comment! (Indeed, just a few petals make even simple dishes into something completely impressive – too-pretty-to-eat, if you try recipe with edible flowers, share with us.)

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  1. poetsjasmineblog says

    Heartwarming creatures, surreal pictures.
    We should learn a thing or two from these spectacular blooms.
    Thank you for the info and this lovely post. 🙂 ❤


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