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Conventional Wisdom

The myth of the suffering artist and Black & White photo art.

I don’t believe that you have to suffer in order to create real art. I think not every B&W photo is art. They are not instantly artistic. The myth of extra-special suffering just for artists, “it’s not real art unless you suffer”. Sensitive people are often quite creative, creative people glorify pain in creative way through dark times and painful moments. But artist isn’t always suffering, also experiences positive emotions as deeply as does negative ones.

In fact, without effort, artist create artworks, because the artist is an artist and it is just part of nature, artistic ability in creative way to express themselves and find personal fulfillment, connect with others and the courage to share their visions.

Creativity has a rhythm that flows, sensitivity mental and emotional can be both a blessing and a curse, can make life more difficult, but is also a gift. To a highly sensitive people the world may appear to be more dramatic and tragic, but also more colorful and beautiful. Often see little things in the environment that others miss, find meaning in simple surroundings, making art from pretty much anything. Have unusual depth and intensity of feeling and emotion, have rich inner life and often requires spending more time alone, sometimes seems like they live in a completely different world. Creative individuals would rather be alone than popular, driven by a deep love of what they do, true creativity is true living with all the passion everything else is simply existing.

As we know Plato believed it is the duty of poets and painters to help people live good lives. We should continue to be inspired by his example. And I hope for my art that can inspire others to see themselves and the world around them in a more beautiful way.

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In response to Conventional Wisdom “Write about a cliché you’ve never agreed with.”


  1. Beautiful and interesting read. I love both B&W and color photography. Color adds life, B&W and monochrome images add a dreamlike mood. 🙂


  2. I really love the variety and creativity. B&W and color each have their own uses. Personally, I think B&W it’s boring (most of the time) especially amateur ones on flickr 🙂


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