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Love locks

‘Love locks’ attached to the fence at the promenade in Thessaloniki  🙂

Some think they are romantic, sweet, original, other says isn’t aesthetic and safe. What do you think for this love lock tradition?



  1. Such a sweet sight. Hope the lovers who put the locks there stay together forever and ever 🙂 In Melbourne we had a love-lock bridge in the city but then the city council took it all down fearing the locks were too heavy and would sink the bridge into the water 😀

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  2. Once, these love locks were original. Now that they’re ubiquitous they’re just annoying. Luckily, that promenade hasn’t ben strangled yet


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  4. This custom is sweet for sweethearts and profitable because of raising tourists. But people throws the keys into the sea, what it’s trash in sea-water, actually. On some other safe place for that would be better. Wonderful photos, gorgeous blues 🙂


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