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Which book gives you serene feeling?

What book makes you feel at peace, tranquil, serene when you read it?

Fiction, Classics, Fantasy, Philosophy, Novels, Spirituality, Religion, Science, History, Mythology, Travel, Poetry, Encyclopedias, Comics, Art, Cookbooks, Mystery, Biographies, Self help…

For me, books on astronomy and poetry are always the most calming. Reading can be a wonderful escape from the stress of everyday life, journey through space and time. Just by opening a book, you feel calm and relax as you enter new world that distracts you from your daily anxiety.

Which book gives you serene feeling?



  1. Modern fiction, and I wasn’t surprised when read it that the most popular book genre is children’s books 🙂 I think fantasy writers are the most creative.


    • Sylvia says

      I also enjoy reading books in my leisure time for relaxation and love that sense of calm, leisure books are my favorites.


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