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August, the vacation month 🙂

Pefkohori is small seaside village on Halkidiki. Pefkohori, Pefkochori (pine trees village) also known as ‘Kapsohora’ (burnt land) as it was burnt several times by pirates.

Lovely covered beach bars to relax, sunbeds, music, cold drinks.

Sunny sandy beaches where people have their own umbrellas.

Our apartment was 1 minute walk from the beach and with a beautiful terrace to enjoy.

Diner seafood in one of the fish taverns with breathtaking sea view.

Daily cruises, buy souvenirs, or even traditional sandals.

Sunset magic! 🙂

August photo a day challenge – Goodbye August
Thanks to everyone who participated! 🙂
SS: Water, Water Everywhere  CFFC: Aqua, (sea colors)
TPC – Lift (lift your mood, the emotional and energy lift that travel and vacation brings)


  1. Wow, what a surprise to see a new Sunday Stills participant and with such gorgeous water shots!! I saw your blog a lot during the WPC. Way to nail 4 photo challenges in one fell swoop! Thanks for following and playing along with us! Shared this on my Facebook page, twitter and Mix.


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