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Temple of Ammon Zeus

Ancient temple ruins. The temple of Ammon Zeus is located on the beach Kallithea, one of the most important ancient temples discovered in Halkidiki.

Situated at the end of the promenade on Kallithea beach, well worth a visit if you are nearby, visit early as the sun is very hot and there is no shade.

the land of Zeus 🙂
Unexpected is archaeological site to be seen on beach vacation. The beach at the temple ruins definitely merits a mention, because it’s one of the most beautiful beaches along the Kallithea seaside, and brilliant turquoise water of the Aegean.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge  – Unexpected

colors and letters
photo a day


  1. Unexpected indeed – on a beach! Did you know this before you came there? Or did you just walk into the site? A very beautiful beach –


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