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February photo a day challenge

Photo A Day Challenge is a fun way to take a photo a day. You can play along by posting a picture of your interpretation of the prompt, share your posts in the comments below and link to this (post) challenge so other members can find your photos and posts. Link back here or leave a link in the comments. Everyone is welcome to participate. Join us for the whole month or whenever you like. Post daily, weekly, or simply post when you can, pass the challenge to other bloggers and have fun 🙂
Closed composition is when everything in an image is within the image, generally at the center, where all the elements are inside the frame.
Open composition is basically the opposite. There is generally no single focus, elements of that image run off towards the edges and seemingly beyond.
Central composition is the simplest one, composing your subject in the center.
Balanced composition is harmonious, simply the elements of that picture are symmetrical about the center, horizontal or vertical symmetry.
Monochromatic, monochrome or monotone photography means just one color, shades of the same color.
Minimalism, minimalist photography is extremely simple but dramatic capture, sometimes just one subject against a simple background.
Bokeh means blur, technique of blurring the background in an aesthetically pleasing way, entirely blurred or circular lights.


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