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Floriography is the language of flowers, using flowers to communicate emotions, feelings, wishes. Artists too use floriography to communicate deeper messages in their artworks.
Express love, thanks, good luck, friendship…

Floriography as a form of communication 🙂

Lens Artists Photo Challenge #118 – Communication

photo a day
colors and letters


  1. Must admit I’d never heard of floriography but in fact it’s true flowers are used to communicate many kinds of communication. Beautiful assortment of glorious flowers!


  2. Clever take on – this is still important in the world. As my mother just passed away, I received white flowers. And also red flowers of love.


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  4. Wonderful idea for the challenge! I love this! It’s interesting how in different countries flowers have different meanings. I believe chrysanthemums are often sent for funerals in Italy and other parts of Europe, but in the USA, we might send lilies or roses.


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