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Photographing blossom

On my morning walks I stop to make photos of blossoms.

This is small shrub with green leaves and beautiful white blossom like a big bouquet, favorite for close up blossom photos.

Zooming in helps a lot to make beautiful backround, zoom in and capture only the flowers with a nice blurred background.

Sky is perfect background to avoid all the other branches.

Delicate petals look best against vivid blue skies, or spring green leaves, contrast can give you the bright, pure feeling of blossom in full bloom.

You can get close up and detailed photos of flower’s anthers, stamens and pollen.

Another small shrub with white blossoms, like short green fence, also great for close up blossom.

You can capture bees on flowers with great detail.

Morning bright and soft (left) and afternoon light when the sunlight is golden (right) is best for photographing.

Be creative and try flower photography – artistry. Try some different angles for more interesting images.

Spring flowering trees are incredibly beautiful, but also flowering shrubs are great for close up photos and gorgeous flowers.

Simple digital camera can give surprisingly beautiful photos, these are with small Nikon that I have with me on my morning walks. I love my small camera easy to carry, simple to use.

I hope you are inspired 🙂

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