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March colors and letters

Fun photo challenge with colors and letters

Daily inspiration
Create a post with a color or letter inspired image.
Create a pingback (link to this post) , add a link in the comment section below.
Challenge your creativity inspired with colors and letters.

Although some colors have a flower name you can post anything in the same color.

Thanks for joining the fun

Wishing you a very happy and colorful March

Note: if your pingback is not showing please add a link in the comment


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  14. Hopping over from Cee’s blog. May I ask, are the prompts posted inside an image and, if so, is there any way you could possibly type them out? I use a screen reader because I am blind and, though it can describe images and read text inside images, this is very difficult with longer text. I would love to challenge my understanding of colors (I used to have some useable vision) by participating, even though I realize I may be polluting your challenge if I do. If so, please don’t hestiate to tell me to leave you alone.


    • Hi Astrid, yes all prompts are image in the post, here is text:

      March colors and letters

      1. Favorite color
      2. Yellow Tulip
      3. Letter S
      4. Red Tulip
      5. Letter K
      6. White Narcissus
      7. Yellow Daffodil
      8. Letter J
      9. Sakura Cherry Blossom
      10. Plum Blossom
      11. Pink Apple Blossom
      12. Letter K
      13. Letter O
      14. Green
      15. Sky
      16. Letter C
      17. Black Coral
      18. Red Birch
      19. Blue Green
      20. Letter T
      21. Pink Hyacinth
      22. Blue Hyacinth
      23. Purple Hyacinth
      24. Letter Z
      25. Purple Wisteria
      26. Wisteria Blue
      27. Yellow Wisteria
      28. Burgundy Rose
      29. Stormcloud
      30. Water Blue
      31. Clover Green

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      • Thanks so much! I’m assuming we’re supposed to post the pics for the given prompt on the days respective to the numbers you provide? For example, today’s prompt would be plum blossom, right? Or can we participate in any of the March prompts any day of the month, since w’re supposed to ping back to this post and not your photo post for the prompt?


        • No problem, I have PSD file image. Yes, you can participate in any of the March prompts any day of the month, ping back to this post.

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