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Jupiter with moons and stars Moon Jupter and Saturn Venus and red star Antares, bright star-like lies low see after sunset Earthshine, glowing moon clouds and stars Lunar corona, moon corona, colorful rings layers of the colorful clouds colors and letters

October colors and letters – photo challenge

Fun photo challenge with colors and letters Daily inspirationCreate a post with picture of your interpretation of the prompt.Create a pingback (link to this post) , add a link in the comment section below. Post daily, weekly, whenever you like. Visit other Colors and Letters entries by following their links.Challenge your creativity inspired with colors and letters. Thanks for joining the fun 🙂 Wishing you a very happy and colorful October Note: if your pingback is not showing please add a link in the comment


Chrysanthemum, the Queen of Autumn, the Chrysanthemums are in full bloom when most flowers are fading away. They bloom in all the colors of fall, such as orange, red, yellow, perfect colors for your Autumn bouquet 🙂 Lens-Artists Challenge #167: Colors of Autumn colors and letters