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Crassula ‘Morgan’s Beauty’ Miniature succulent plant, has thick, flat, silvery-green leaves, the flowers are pinkish and grow in small, short-stemmed clusters. The word “succulent” comes from the Latin word sucus, meaning juice. Colorful, happy flower clusters, Kalanchoe is one of the prettiest and famous representatives of the succulents family. Outdoors, they attract butterflies to make your flower garden even more interesting and enjoyable. 🙂 July photo a day challenge – Succulent Flower of the Day Advertisements

By the sea

thalassotherapy 🙂 Hippocrates first used the word “thalassotherapy” to describe the healing effects of seawater. (thalassa – sea) relaxing and cooling by the sea July photo a day challenge – Relax Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Cooling


July photo a day challenge – start with D Flower of the Day Inspiration: daffodil, daisy, duck, dolls, dog, donkey, dolphin, dried autumn leaves, dried (fading) flowers, dried fruits, diner, desk, disk, door, deck, dock, donuts, drinks ..