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Moon and Spica a blue-white star Spica is a whirling double star, two stars are so close and they orbit so quickly around each other, looks like a single star With zooming in on the star you will see rapidly twinkling blue-white star, so very beautiful colors and letters silver blue


Beautiful and graceful birds. While I was photographing the sea, Swan pair came swimming, so much fun watching bird elegance and synchronized swimming. Swans performing a courtship ritual, in which the male and female face each other and bow their heads, forming a heart shape with both of their necks. I have read that if the young seagull is very scared and does not try to fly, then the parents do not give him food to make young to try to fly with them. Very interesting how adult birds getting very excited are making loud calls to encourage young. Geese are very loyal, they mate for life and are very protective of their partners and offspring.Ducks are so cute they look like they are smiling. And little ladybugs on the beach. Lens-Artists Challenge #144 – Taking Flight CFFC: Shiny (sea water, ladybug shiny red wings)