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my new watercolors, aquarelle pallete, watercolor pencils my yoga mat, tea cups, green tea jasmine, watercolor plate relax with yoga, tea, creating art Getting close at home (CMMC) challenge: Close Ups around the House, this week is hosted by Brian Bushboys World July colors and letters


Jupiter’s moons looks like Jupiter’s Great Red Spot ringed Saturn Lunar terminator the moon’s terminator line, is the dividing line between unlighted and lighted sides of the Moon

July colors and letters

Fun photo challenge with colors and letters Daily inspirationCreate a post with picture of your interpretation of the prompt.Create a pingback (link to this post) or/and add a link in the comment section below. Post daily, weekly, whenever you like. Visit other Colors and Letters entries by following their links.Challenge your creativity inspired with colors and letters. Thanks for joining the fun 🙂 Wishing you a very happy and colorful July Note: if your pingback is not showing please add a link in the comment Colors and Letters Badge


Jupiter Saturn Moon, June27 Jupiter Moon Saturn, June 28 On the last nights of June 2021, watch for Jupiter, Saturn, Moon, view in late night/early morning until sunrise Jupiter’s moons Juputer, Saturn June colors and letters

Full Moon

Blue Moon – a second full moon in a month is a blue moon Pink Moon – gets it’s name from the appearance of the Phlox flower Red Moon – moon turn red during a lunar eclipse Yellow Moon – honey moon, full moon glow yellow Orange Moon – harvest moon during the fall Strawberry Moon – because it falls during the strawberry harvesting season Fun images (photo filter) with moon colors, we know that the moon actually does not change color. We usually see silver or gold moon, but if the moon was a different color what is your favorite 🙂 June 24 – full Moon known as the Strawberry Moon true full moon and strawberry Moon June colors and letters