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My Favorite

I like sounds of the sea, splashing waves play with sand, walk barefoot on the sand the smell of rain sakura blossoms or cherry blossom chocolate cake That tantalizing smell of a new book. Re-reading my favourite books. Keeping my notebook close by when I’m reading (for inspiring words). My Favorite

The Oldest Line in the World – Poetry

It is as tiny as the sleekest mobile phones that fit in the palm of the hand, but its message is anything but modern. A small tablet in a special display this month in the Istanbul Museum of the Ancient Orient is thought to be the oldest love poem ever found, the words of a lover from more than 4,000 years ago. [.] “Bridegroom, dear to my heart, Goodly is your beauty, honeysweet,’” the first line in the cuneiform tablet reads. ‘”You have captivated me, let me stand trembling before you; Bridegroom, I would be taken to the bedchamber.” He apparently does. “Bridegroom, you have taken your pleasure of me,” the poem continues. “Tell my mother, she will give you delicacies; my father, he will give you gifts.” Poem recited by the annual brides of King Shu-Sin (c. 4000 BC) Translated by Samuel Noah Kramer Bridegroom, dear to my heart, Goodly is you beauty, honeysweet, Lion, dear to my heart, Goodly is your beauty, honeysweet. You have captivated me, let me stand tremblingly before you. …

The Basics of DIY E-Book Publishing

Before You Digitally Publish Do your target readers prefer print or digital? Is your book highly illustrated? Does it require color? Do you know how to reach your readers online? How E-Publishing Services Work The first and most important thing to understand about the leading e-publishing services is that they are not publishers. They are distributors or retailers. Free or low-cost distribution At-will and nonexclusive Little technical expertise required Two Key Categories of E-Publishing Services Single-channel distribution Multiple-channel distribution Converting and Formatting Your Work Each service asks you to upload a completed book file that is appropriately formatted. Here are the most commonly used formats for e-books: → EPUB (.epub): This is considered a global standard format for e-books and works seamlessly on most devices. While you cannot directly create an EPUB file from a Word document, you can save your Word document as a TXT (.txt) file, then convert and format it using special software (see list on the following page). There are also plug-ins you can buy for Microsoft Word that enable you …