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Precious – Framed doilies it’s easy to create beautiful and simple piece of art – pretty framed doily  🙂 I have beautiful collection of wonderful crocheted doilies, tablecloths, sets, that my mother made for me, and I know they weren’t made to be stored in a drawer or a box forever, but I like to keep them safely stored as precious gifts.

Flowers with raindrops

Shining RaindropsTearful delicate white petals. Nature’s tears (of joy) – raindrops. Soft Tassel (dandelion) flower – puffball florets catching droplets. Geranium flower pink petals with shining  raindrops. 52 Weeks Photo Challenge:Week 33 – Rain More You’ll Love: Raindrops on leaves | Autumn raindrops | Rain Drops on petals | Raindrops | Shine raindrops | Shining Raindrops