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Precious – Framed doilies it’s easy to create beautiful and simple piece of art – pretty framed doily  🙂 I have beautiful collection of wonderful crocheted doilies, tablecloths, sets, that my mother made for me, and I know they weren’t made to be stored in a drawer or a box forever, but I like to keep them safely stored as precious gifts.

Flowers with raindrops

Shining RaindropsTearful delicate white petals. Nature’s tears (of joy) – raindrops. Soft Tassel (dandelion) flower – puffball florets catching droplets. Geranium flower pink petals with shining  raindrops. 52 Weeks Photo Challenge:Week 33 – Rain More You’ll Love: Raindrops on leaves | Autumn raindrops | Rain Drops on petals | Raindrops | Shine raindrops | Shining Raindrops

Olive tree

Ancient olive tree is located on the Greek island of Crete and is one of seven olive trees in the Mediterranean believed to be at least 2,000 to 3,000 years old. It is the oldest olive tree in the world  and still produces olives today. I hope next summer to visit Crete and world oldest olive tree – natural monument   🙂 WPC: Resilient   and one-word challenge: Hopeful  and 52 Weeks Photo Challege Week 21: Peaceful – the olive branch is a symbol of peace.