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Pefkohori, Pefkochori (pine trees village inspired by the pine trees) also known as ‘Kapsohora’ (burnt land) as it was burnt several times by pirates. Beautiful combination of the sea breeze and the scent of the pine trees with pine tree surrounds and sea views. At the center of the beach there is a small pier where you can take a day cruise by traditional style sailing boats and make memorable photos near non-working little leaning lighthouse. Pefkohori (Chalkidiki, Greece) is a village surrounded by pine trees and beautiful beaches, has two large parallel streets, one is main road and the other is promenade by the sea that is full of restaurants, taverns, beach bars and shops. Pefkohori small fishing village is the most popular tourist resort on Kassandra, so in high season the main beach is crowded, as well as the promenade that’s full of restaurants, taverns, bars and shops, as well as tourists. Despite the crowd, water is very clear and transparent. Can you see little fishes on left zoom photo? 🙂 March or …

Stroll on the sand

walking on the beach Who wouldn’t enjoy a barefoot stroll along a sandy beach? Relaxing, it’s almost like a walking foot massage. Feeling the sand tickle your feet and breathing in the salty air at the beach is enough to calm  your body and mind. And sound of waves and seagulls will likely help your stress fade away. To stroll through sea water barefoot on sand it’s a great way to connect with the Earth.  🙂