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Jupiter’s Moons June 16 Jupiter’s Moons June 18 Jupiter’s Moons June 19 looks like Jupiter’s Great Red Spot Saturn June 16 Saturn June 18 Saturn June 19 Venus white and yellow with a reddish and brown surface, June 18 View just after sunset (dot on photo) bright yellowish-white Venus on cloudy sky Jupiter and Saturn remain relatively close together (dots on photo) view in late night/early morning until sunrise Moon on cloudy sky During the last week of June 2021, watch for the Moon Jupiter and Saturn close together on the sky These are my first photos with my new Nikon P900 superzoom camera Last days we have cloudy sky and I didn’t make much photos of sky but I was lucky to capture Jupiter’s moons and ringed Saturn’s shape. June colors and letters

Sunset sky

Venus, view just after sunset, appearing as a brilliant white star-like Venus color is a yellowish white Mercury Venus conjunction – Mercury and Venus closest together at dusk on May 28-29, 2021Mornings of May 30 to June 2, 2021, watch for the Moon – Jupiter and Saturn visible just before dawn, Neptune and Pluto not visible to the eye May colors and letters orange red


May 21, before dawn, bright Jupiter and ringed Saturn in the morning sky,May 28, closest visible conjunction of the planets Mercury and Venus until November 5, 2033 May colors and letters


Mars reddish and Mercury grey, May 16 Did you know that Mercury, has a tail much like a comet? Mercury’s sodium tail, is made up of many elements, but the main component in the tail is sodium May 17, look for Mercury, to find Mercury not look too soon or too late, around 60 to 90 minutes after sunset May colors and letters


Moon and Spica a blue-white star Spica is a whirling double star, two stars are so close and they orbit so quickly around each other, looks like a single star With zooming in on the star you will see rapidly twinkling blue-white star, so very beautiful colors and letters silver blue