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black headed seagulls look like penguins 🙂 small and cute gulls research proved that the closest relatives of penguins are the gulls, albatross, petrels black headed seagulls, more chocolate-brown head Mediterranean gulls young gulls form nursery flocks colors and letters

Posidonia seagrass

Posidonia oceanica, Posidonia meadow, Neptune grass, Mediterranean tapeweed only grows in clean, unpolluted watersblooms in spring produces floating fruits commonly called “sea olives”forms large underwater meadowslike all seagrasses, Posidonia oceanica reproduces by cloningseagrasses are flowering plants with terrestrial ancestors that returned to the sea and re-adapted to the aquatic environmentscientists say they believe Posidonia seagrass may be the oldest living organism on Earth Posidonia is named after Poseidon, the Greek god of the seas colors and letters


doves are not afraid of people because of their adaptation to an urban environment and feeding by people, doves are gentle birds and will not attack doves – usually refers to the smaller birds and the larger ones as pigeons doves are one of the few species of birds that drink by sucking up their water instead of taking a bill full of water and letting it trickle down their throat, they also sleep differently from other birds, their head will rest between their shoulders, close to their bodies, rather than tucked under their shoulder feathers they fly surprisingly fast doves mate for life and love to be in pairs colors and letters


except for mating and taking care of their young, hoopoes are mostly solitary, they are called ‘butterfly bird’ they fly like a butterfly beautiful unusual looking birds with crown of feathers and bad smell they make hissing sound and stinky smell for defence mother birds protect their eggs and chicks with an antimicrobial secretion that smells bad and unlike other birds they don’t clean their nests