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Orange blossom

Orange blossom flower tree, citrus fragrant bloom, my newly potted orange plant 🙂 Small Orange tree grow and fruit in pot on my balcony, about 50 cm tall. Very beautiful and decorative mini tree with fragrant white flowers and evergreen glossy leaves. Citrus blooms smell wonderful, the fresh citrus aroma provided by citrus blooms make balcony smelling fresh. Your balcony can feel surprisingly beautiful designed to mimic the look and feel of a Nature. Apart from ornamental plants and trees, you can use your balcony to grow strawberries or aromatic herbs. Fill in your balcony with flowers in different heights, shapes and colors. Besides the greenery or the fruits, a green balcony has many and varied benefits. You will enjoy the resting hours. The air smell good because the flowers smell pleasant and sweet, the buildings beautify and hopefully the climate is generally improving  🙂  

Viola tricolor

Viola tricolor, also known as heart’s ease, heart’s delight, sometimes called wild pansy. Very pretty little face flower, violas make me happy with their little colorful smiles 🙂 Tuesday Photo Challenge – Bloom   Flower of the Day

Weekly photo challenge Close Up

This  basil has green leaves with lovely white blooms. This  basil has purple blooms. See these pretty purple flowers on the basil plants? Yeah, they need to go. Basil wants to bloom as summer progresses. To keep the plant lush, pinch off the bloom stems as they appear. The blooms of some basil plants, are so gorgeous that I rarely pinch them back to prevent flowering. The bees and butterflies are big fans of basil blooms. If you want to save seeds from your basil to plant next year, however, it’s time to let a few plants flower. You can continue to harvest from part of the plant and just let a few stems bloom, if you like. close up on tiny delicate blooms on basil