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New shade of Blue

Scientists accidentally discover new shade of Blue. Newest shade of blue durable pigment called “YInMn blue” (Yttrium, Indium and Manganese). This blue “eureka!” moment is exciting for color lovers and artist’s brushes, artists are totally in love with this new shade of perfect blue because of color unique characteristics, amazing resistant more durable, non-toxic and safe, non-fading blue useful for art restoration. The new pigment is made with all non-toxic ingredients. It’s just a really beautiful vivid rich color both deep and bright. Gorgeous vibrant blue but not easy name for a favorite color 🙂 In response to this week’s Discover Challenge: Opening Line – “It was the first time, and it wouldn’t be the last.” (the search continues for new pigments) and 26 Weeks Letter Challenge: “P” (pansy, pigment).