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Ouzeri To Paramithi, Kallithea (Tavern Fairytale in Kallithea) Ouzeri specialize in smaller dishes (mezes) which you eat with ouzo, though they serve tsipuro, wine and beer too, many include larger dishes, look old-fashioned, like they’ve not been decorated since they’ve started serving. A Tsipuradiko is an tavern which specializes in tsipuro, another strong drink that is like ouzo without the anise flavor. October photo a day challenge –  Scarlet


Old Potidea, square, small park with balcony location from where you can watch and photograph gorgeous sunsets 🙂 Potidea (Potidaia, Poteidaia) also known as the Gates of Kassandra, is a coastal little town on the Kassandra peninsula, Halkidiki. October photo a day challenge – Start with O