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Vanilla cupcakes with chocolate

Very easy vanilla cupcakes with chocolate, put all ingredients in one bowl and mix together with whisk. Divide evenly among liners, about three-quarters full each, add one piece of chocolate in every cup. Bake until golden, about 20 minutes. Place cupcakes on a serving tray and decorate with melted chocolate. I used chocolate with raisins and nuts 🙂 colors and letters photo a day

Viola Frosted Chocolate

Viola Frosted Chocolate  Adorable sweetly scented flowers with rich mocha grape shaded petals and delicate lavender, with a caramel yellow center, petals in a delicious shade of chocolate 🙂 Violas are very photogenic and a plant for all seasons. I like their perky faces, makes me smile 🙂 To make flowers images that are a little more creative try different angles. Unusual angles and perspectives capture a point of view that is different from what we see from a standing perspective, playful and creative. Colors and letters photo a day challenge: Amber (yellow amber) October photo a day challenge: Grapes (grape color) Flower of the Day