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close up of the moon’s surface Early scientists thought the dark areas of the moon might be seas, and they called maria, which is Latin for “seas” (maria-seas, mare-sea) Mare Cognitum Sea that has become knownMare Crisium Sea of CrisesMare Fecunditatis Sea of FecundityMare Frigoris Sea of ColdMare Humorum Sea of MoistureMare Imbrium Sea of RainMare Insularum Sea of IslandsMare Nectaris Sea of NectarMare Nubium Sea of CloudsMare Tranquillitatis Sea of TranquilityMare Serenitatis Sea of SerenityMare Vaporum Sea of VaporOceanus Procellarum Ocean of Storms Terminator line is the dividing line between the light and dark side of the moon. CMMC – August Close Up or Macro colors and letters (Moon July 28)


my new watercolors, aquarelle pallete, watercolor pencils my yoga mat, tea cups, green tea jasmine, watercolor plate relax with yoga, tea, creating art Getting close at home (CMMC) challenge: Close Ups around the House, this week is hosted by Brian Bushboys World July colors and letters