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Red Carnation

Bordo red Carnation, petals and sepals, leaf-like structures on the base of the flower which protect the flower bud. (Sepal-Individual element of the calyx, which encloses the flower bud, usually leaf-like. The sepals collectively are called the calyx) Color Your World – Maroon

Pink strawberries

Pink strawberries: ‘Pink Panda’ ornamental strawberry (the cultivar name is ‘Frel’, ‘Pink Panda’ is a trade name) ‘Roseberry’ and ‘Rosalyne’ (red to pink flowers) ‘Samba’ (Red Ruby with pink flowers) ‘Lipstick’ ornamental strawberry (bright red rose flowers) Pink-flowering strawberry delightful pretty and sweet  🙂  

Carnation two-colors

This is a ‘Minerva’ two-colors carnation with a deep razzmatazz face petal and a pale lavender backside. Carnations known as the ‘The Flowers of God’ – their scientific name is ‘Dianthus’ given by the Greek botanist Theopharastus, from two greek words – ‘dios’ referring to the god Zeus, and ‘anthos’ meaning flower. Color Your World – Razzmatazz

Carnation buds

Mini Carnation pink buds Color Your World – Cotton Candy According to a Christian legend, Carnations first appeared on earth as Jesus carried the Cross. Carnations sprang up from where the Virgin Mary’s tears fell as she cried over her son’s plight.