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Conventional Wisdom

The myth of the suffering artist and Black & White photo art. I don’t believe that you have to suffer in order to create real art. I think not every B&W photo is art. They are not instantly artistic. The myth of extra-special suffering just for artists, “it’s not real art unless you suffer”. Sensitive people are often quite creative, creative people glorify pain in creative way through dark times and painful moments. But artist isn’t always suffering, also experiences positive emotions as deeply as does negative ones. In fact, without effort, artist create artworks, because the artist is an artist and it is just part of nature, artistic ability in creative way to express themselves and find personal fulfillment, connect with others and the courage to share their visions. Creativity has a rhythm that flows, sensitivity mental and emotional can be both a blessing and a curse, can make life more difficult, but is also a gift. To a highly sensitive people the world may appear to be more dramatic and tragic, but also …


Crochet My mother taught me the basics of knit and crochet as a child. As I watched her crocheting I wanted to try too. Not only I enjoyed arty-crafty work, but I loved romantic look and feel of lace doily crochet, fairytalish style  🙂 Creative fulfillment, happiness, working on something you enjoy result in creating a better mood, offers an opportunity for self expression, replacing stress and anxiety with the satisfaction of creation. (my mother’s handmade lace doily) I have beautiful collection of wonderful crocheted doilies, tablecloths, sets, that my mother made for me, and I know they weren’t made to be stored in a drawer or a box forever, but I like to keep them safely stored as precious gifts. Relaxed, repetitive motions such as the ones used in crochet and knitting can help calm and induce a relaxed state like that associated with meditation and yoga. You may also like Framed Crochet and  Embroidery