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orange cats have “M” marking on their forehead cat watching seagulls orange cats are friendliest of all cats, I was photographing seagulls and this cat came to me this cute cat look like cat have strabismus colors and letters letter T


I usually photograph dogs from a distance using zoom because I’m afraid of dogs, this one was one of the few dogs that I was not afraid of dog close to me, looked so frendly and calm when he came near while I was photographing seagulls colors and letters


they were funny rolling around happily in the sand after entering in sea, running and chasing each other, throwing sand around digging hole in sand June colors and letters

Yellow Succulent

Yellow Sea fig, large, low-growing succulent. I couldn’t make many photos because of this lovely big dog, anytime I went close to the pot with plant dog came near 🙂 There is only one jardiniere with this yellow succulent, pinks are everywhere. colors and letters photo a day