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sea ducks and geese These geese and ducks live together happily in port with fishing boats I photographed them and they looked friendly, but when I left one goose came out of the sea and was following me on the pier, bird is very funny when walk twisting 🙂 Ducks are so cute CFFC: Birds colors and letters

Posidonia seagrass

Posidonia oceanica, Posidonia meadow, Neptune grass, Mediterranean tapeweed only grows in clean, unpolluted watersblooms in spring produces floating fruits commonly called “sea olives”forms large underwater meadowslike all seagrasses, Posidonia oceanica reproduces by cloningseagrasses are flowering plants with terrestrial ancestors that returned to the sea and re-adapted to the aquatic environmentscientists say they believe Posidonia seagrass may be the oldest living organism on Earth Posidonia is named after Poseidon, the Greek god of the seas colors and letters


sun movement and sunlight phases sunset after sunset color changing phases (all photos same sunset evening) I don’t know what is more beautiful, fiery orange sunset light or peaceful and calm after sunset 🙂 Sunset Port of Epanomi, Thessaloniki photo a day colors and letters