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my new watercolors, aquarelle pallete, watercolor pencils my yoga mat, tea cups, green tea jasmine, watercolor plate relax with yoga, tea, creating art Getting close at home (CMMC) challenge: Close Ups around the House, this week is hosted by Brian Bushboys World July colors and letters

Patterns in nature

wings patterns, mirror symmetry each species has its own wing pattern, butterflies use the patterns as warnings, signalling, or camouflage, or ornate to attract a mate pansy and viola patterns – lines radiating from center, these lines are called penciling and with dark centers like painted faces sea wave patterns of ripples CFFC: Patterns in nature


My Lilac featured on WordPress Discover Prompts 🙂 WordPress Discover Daily Prompts for the month of April: Lilac – Sunset – Sunset – Chamomile cake – Swans – Blossom – Blossom – Lilac painting – Cupcakes – Blossom – View – Sea – Blossom