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Goodbye summer

    I don’t want to say goodbye to the summer  🙂 coral color nail polish – wiggling my freshly-painted toes in sand two cute cats  – summer fun cat kitty pattern flip flops carnation pink straps cream color little stones coastline, calm sea, crystal clear, transparent waters cloud, cumulus clouds “fluffy” in appearance and have flat bases cloud watching play find shape – this look like flying turtle to me 🙂 Little stones look like Citrine tumble gemstones 🙂 It’s believed that Citrine attracts wealth, prosperity and success. Research shows that living by the sea (water) makes people happier 🙂 CFFC Letter C

Coffee fun

coffee reading – – fun abstract coffee art Tasseography (also known as tasseomancy or tassology) is a fortune-telling method that interprets patterns in  coffee grounds, tea leaves or wine sediments. The terms derive from the French word tasse (cup) and the Greek suffixes -graph (writing). Have you had your coffee read? Life is a journey into the unknown future. If you could know your future, would you want to?  🙂 Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Glasses, Cups, Saucers