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new blooms and blossoms attract bees and butterflies sweet fragrant lilac sweet-smelling flowers purple and bluish petals spring-blooming lilac Lilac Season Discover Prompts, Day 19: Three Haiku famously call for three verses. Write a few (maybe… three?) about something you saw on your last walk. This also works well with Discover Prompts, Day 18: New and Day 15: Scent Three Prompts 🙂 colors and letters photo a day


old city with streets leading to vivid sunset, long beautiful walks Sunset port, view from my balcony. View is wonderful, streets with oranges and olives, balconies with geranium and basil, my favorite street leads to a seafront. So lucky to enjoy evenings with wonderfully colored sky  🙂 Discover Prompts, Day 4: Street If your window overlooks a street, snap a photo of it, and post it. (Optional: add a poem to accompany the image.) colors and letters photo a day


  delicate petals bright pink blossom filled trees, buds eager to open Discover Prompts, Day 2: Open Write a haiku (or several) in which “open” is the final word. WordPress has brought back the Discover Daily Prompts for the month of April 🙂 colors and letters photo a day

Miniature (Mandarin bonsai tree)

  Droplets of water, tiny green leaves, mandarin bonsai, tree in pot. Mandarin bonsai miniature tree and miniature poem, haiku.   🙂 I have miniature mandarin tree trying to grow bonsai from mandarin seeds. Every tree has its own personality. Bonsai is not just the art of making trees tiny, it’s the haiku of the tree world!   Today’s Daily Prompt is Miniature.