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Miniature (Mandarin bonsai tree)

  Droplets of water, tiny green leaves, mandarin bonsai, tree in pot. Mandarin bonsai miniature tree and miniature poem, haiku.   🙂 I have miniature mandarin tree trying to grow bonsai from mandarin seeds. Every tree has its own personality. Bonsai is not just the art of making trees tiny, it’s the haiku of the tree world!   Today’s Daily Prompt is Miniature.


sweet fragrant perfume lavish in pink and purple lilac buds in bloom Lilac, particularly attractive with sweet fragrance, its like a huge bouquet, such lovely moments they bring. Too many good memories attached… smell is a powerful memory trigger! While all the senses are connected with memories, smell sparks a flurry of emotional memories. My Lilac painting and haiku In response to Weekly Discover Challenge: Memory

WPC: Half-Light (sea)

seagulls longing cry flying free on a blue sky waves caress the rock playful summer day so beautiful winter morning cold, the waves roll, pearly white sea foam playful salt waters drifting with the tide dance happily in the wind autumn sunset glow the wind ruffles the sea and with its waves, it caresses the wind, immersing it in the blueness Weekly Photo Challenge: Half-Light Share a photo inspired by a poem, verse, song lyric or story. Poems I wrote for the WP Poetry Writing challenges.