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Lantana pretty flowers

Central, Closed and Open Composition with flowers 🙂 photo a day colors and letters FOTD Central composition is the simplest one, composing your subject in the center. Closed composition is when everything in an image is within the image, generally at the center, where all the elements are inside the frame. Open composition is basically the opposite. There is generally no single focus, elements of that image run off towards the edges and seemingly beyond. Lantana plant, Athens Rose Lantana, deep rose-pink and yellow. The flowers of this plant are very attractive to butterflies, beautiful colorful flower clusters that change from yellow to fuchsia-pink.

Lantana rose

The Lantana plant, a bright, sun-loving plant producing flowers 2 or 3 colored in wonderful sherbet shades, and a great choice for those wishing to attract butterflies 🙂 To start a lantana tree, plant a small lantana in spring, into a larger container. Begin shaping the tree as soon as new growth begins. Flowers that handle heat, drought and do not take a lot of work. Color Your World – Wild Watermelon