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Favorite Images of 2020

little wild flowers, Lilacs and Olives, in neighborhood streets during Spring quarantine different types of sea waves, and sunsets most of my images are flowers and waves Saturn and Jupiter with 4 moons Dec 18, 2020Jupiter with 2 moons and Saturn Dec 23, 2020 these are my most favorites of 2020, Jupiter with moons photos of the great conjunction of the Saturn and Jupiter, Moon, Mars (more photos here) Jupiter (bright), Saturn (yellowish-brown), Mars (reddish) night sky photography is fun especially now when staying home during the pandemic Lens-Artists Challenge #129 – Favorite Images of 2020

By the sea

The sea is a perfect hideaway, my favorite place for every season, fresh and soothing the body, mind and soul, feelings of joy, calm, and peaceful, sound of waves, the smell of salt water,  thalassotherapy 🙂 (Hippocrates first used the word thalassotherapy to describe the healing effects of seawater, thalassa – sea) Lens Artists Photo Challenge – My Hideaway photo a daycolors and letters


Floriography is the language of flowers, using flowers to communicate emotions, feelings, wishes. Artists too use floriography to communicate deeper messages in their artworks.Express love, thanks, good luck, friendship… Floriography as a form of communication 🙂 Lens Artists Photo Challenge #118 – Communication photo a daycolors and letters

One Single Flower

I take most of my flower photos on my balcony or when going for a walk, flowers growing in street jardinieres. I like flower photos from all angles and sides, in gentle morning sunshine, in afternoon warm sunlight, in sunset glow, with water drops or rain drops, opening or full bloom, or beauty in a fading flower. Some flowers are very photogenic, like little violas with colors for all seasons and cheerful faces. Photographing flowers is fun you enjoy flower’s sight and scent. Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – One Single Flower colors and letters photo a day

Water drops on Succulent

mini succulents with water drops on my balcony very cute miniature succulent ‘baby Sun rose’ Water drops are really beautiful and plants look pretty with water drops glistening in the sun, especially captures with background reflected inside the drop. Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Cropping the Shot Sunshine’s Reflections (tiny reflections inside the drops) photo a day covered (with drops) colors and letters pink peach (petals)