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Mandarin orange

mandarin orange A mandarin orange is a slightly smaller relative of the standard orange. The tangerine and clementine (seedless) are varietals of the mandarin. I like when supermarket has fruits with leaves, a few leaves inserted here and there between the fruit looks pretty appealing 🙂 Color Your World – Orange

Miniature (Mandarin bonsai tree)

  Droplets of water, tiny green leaves, mandarin bonsai, tree in pot. Mandarin bonsai miniature tree and miniature poem, haiku.   🙂 I have miniature mandarin tree trying to grow bonsai from mandarin seeds. Every tree has its own personality. Bonsai is not just the art of making trees tiny, it’s the haiku of the tree world!   Today’s Daily Prompt is Miniature.


Mandarin revani or ravani cake (coconut semolina cake) mandarin – honey syrupy dessert. Read recipe: here (Poppy revani cake), for Mandarin Coconut revani cake – replace lemon with 3-5 mandarins and poppy seeds with coconut.  🙂 Miniature Mandarin tree 26 Weeks Letter Challenge: “M”