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Red poppy

Shiny red poppy petals are not easy to photograph, you may try from a different perspective,or Cee said trick is to have them in shade to show off the texture, she has amazing poppy photos here FOTD May colors and letters red poppy


butterfly sunning and resting with wings open on a sunny spot on a tree stump to absorb heat from the sun ant-loving butterflies, known as myrmecophiles make ant-friends for helping to raise their young, caterpillars smell so familiar that the ants adopt them and raise them as their own May colors and letters

Walk in the Park

Very small park-forest in neighborhood. On your walks you may see birds, turtles, butterflies, rabbits, wildflowers. Sit on the bench and enjoy not only in the beauty of the nature but also the view over the city and sea. May colors and letters