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Sky eye

eye appeared on the sky and hand with finger pointing Clouds can take any shape, have you ever spotted a cloud shaped like an eye? This look so like eye, so realistic, when you look at the photo you feel like it’s staring right at you. Nature is great artist with clouds. I was trying to make photo of the moon and the bright star Aldebaran. It was cloudy with very interesting clouds around the moon. photo a daycolors and letters


Maria and Oceanus lunar maria (seas) and oceanus (ocean) Mare Cognitum Sea that has become knownMare Crisium Sea of CrisesMare Fecunditatis Sea of FecundityMare Frigoris Sea of ColdMare Humorum Sea of MoistureMare Imbrium Sea of RainMare Insularum Sea of IslandsMare Nectaris Sea of NectarMare Nubium Sea of CloudsMare Tranquillitatis Sea of TranquilityMare Serenitatis Sea of SerenityMare Vaporum Sea of VaporOceanus Procellarum Ocean of Storms (maria are huge basins formed by volcanic eruptions and early astronomers mistook them for seas)