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crows can mimic sounds made by other birds crows are playful and very smart, they often use tools like sticks and stones crows usually mate for life and live in family groups, mated pairs share territories with their grown children, in turn they help their parents with raising new young birds crows on beach colors and letters matte gray


sea fog, coastal fog last few days are with fog, mostly over sea water, but the weather is warm and nice for a walk Pefkohori, Pefkochori, Halkidiki, Chalkidiki colors and letters letter E (sea)

Turtle island

View zoom on Kelifos (Kelyfos) – Turtle island from Pefkohori beach, Halkidiki. It is an uninhabited small island, also known as Turtle island and its name comes from its shape, that looks like a turtle shell. The only inhabitants of Kelyfos island are wild goats and sea gulls. photo a daycolors and letters