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English is the most universal language. I know English well enough to communicate, but to write poetry is hard, to find beautiful words to express thoughts and feelings, when poetry is written in a foreign language is like you translate your thoughts. I have some poetry here translated in English. And I wrote some haiku in English, fun with creative writing using another language. The language of poetry is rich and finest expresses feelings, emotions, art of literature. Sometimes there are no perfect word equivalents between languages. Poetry is neither just words, nor just metre. Literal translations do not make a poem, rhythm, sound, images, obvious meaning and implied meaning, can never be the same after translation. one word prompt Translate

WPC: Half-Light (sea)

seagulls longing cry flying free on a blue sky waves caress the rock playful summer day so beautiful winter morning cold, the waves roll, pearly white sea foam playful salt waters drifting with the tide dance happily in the wind autumn sunset glow the wind ruffles the sea and with its waves, it caresses the wind, immersing it in the blueness Weekly Photo Challenge: Half-Light Share a photo inspired by a poem, verse, song lyric or story. Poems I wrote for the WP Poetry Writing challenges.

Writing 101: A Poem a Day!

In the evening when the stars start sparkling like diamonds on the dark blue velvet sky and among them the Full Moon the mistress of the mysterious will keep vigil like a staring eye, the time begins of magic. In response to Day 1: Magic Like festive fireworks the sun has sprayed out the fiery rays which at sunset it collects like the fisherman the fishnets he had spread. Oh look! The golden-light and the playful waves are now tranquil, calm sunshine reflection. In response to Day 2: Reflections When night pours down from above like the painter’s colour on the stretched canvas it sinks into the bed of the heavens See the Moon – like a loving woman before falling asleep joyfully in dreams In response to Day 3: Sleep Actor Heaped satisfaction in his own grandeur and innate self-conceit. Clenched fists and hunched bow of the greedy actor and red roses all around, everywhere… Applause tears down the barriers of time on the stage of the theatre Oh precious sight, soulful, images and …

Writing 101: Poetry (Farewell)

  Spellbound by his closeness she did not realise were becoming distant. Time’s shimmering hastened the departure together with the yellowed autumn, she departed from a dream, he departed from an understanding. In response to Day 10: Farewell Writing 101: Poetry! (writing101december2015) More poems: Writing 201: Poetry! (writing201october2015)

Portrait (poem)

She hurried down the alley, her thick, long, red hair fluttered like a flag behind her, wearing black lace eye mask, her body covered by a crimson dress that reached to the ground. Bracelets tinkling on her waving arms resounded like teasing music. She hurried breathless, entranced, in midnight mystery.   Once you put on a mask, you become a fantasy character.. In response to Day 9: Camouflage Writing 101: Poetry! (writing101december2015) More poems: Writing 201: Poetry!   Inspired: “Paint with words – portraits in verses. These aren’t just pictures of faces, they’re personalities. Emotions. Stories.”