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They grow and flower well in coastal house yards, pomegranates are enjoyed for their highly attractive flowers as ornamental plants not only sweet juicy fruits. Very beautiful scarlet-red crepe paper-like petals 🙂 colors and letters photo a day dappled

Pomegranate tree

Small pomegranate tree in Pefkohori. It’s such a delight to have a pomegranate tree in your backyard garden, fancy fruit branches arch gracefully in a weeping habit, with luscious fruits and flowers blossoms trumpet-shaped with orange-red ruffled petals. I don’t have backyard garden, but I wish one with cherry, olive, orange and pomegranate tree. I have one little orange tree in pot on my balcony 🙂  

Seeing Differently

Tearful delicate petals. Nature’s tears (of joy) – raindrops. Snapdragons make cute flowers, but when the seed pods dry, they look like tiny skulls  For nature lovers, heart-shape bud flower ♥ Microcosmos in a water drop (refraction). Sparkling delicious abstract  🙂 (juicy pomegranate bokeh) For Seeing Differently and Tiny