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The Flavor of Ajvar

The Flavor of Ajvar Ajvar (pronounced I-var, aivar) is very popular across the Balkan states, authentic ajvar is made from baked and grinded  red peppers which are then cooked on a low heat with salt and oil. Everyone’s grandmother makes the best variety, people are so passionate about ajvar, and many families have recipes that go back generations. In Macedonia, autumn is ajvar-making season, when the red peppers are harvested. Autumn air is filled with the aroma of roasting peppers. It is really an admirable tradition making ajvar, because family and friends gather together for days of roasting, peeling, and stirring deep red peppers, about 30 kg. The so called “Macedonian vegetable caviar” is usually eaten as a spread on thick slices of freshly baked country-style white bread or flat pita bread with chunks of feta cheese (sirenje, sirenie). In response to new Weekly Discover Challenge Blogging the Senses (inspiration Food and Culture).