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Marigolds are beautiful, strong smelling herbaceous flowers in the sunflower family. Most of the marigolds have pungent, piquant, peppery, spicy odor. Modern hybrids have been developed to minimize that characteristic marigold scent. But gardeners love the ones that have that strong marigold scent you may remember from Grandma’s garden. Fall and late Autumn are a great time for saving flower seeds. Collect the dried marigold flowers, carefully open the marigold seed pods, separate seeds and spread them on the paper towel. Put the seeds in a paper envelope and store them in a cool, dark place. They like lots of sun and can be planted out as soon as the danger of frost has past. Plants produce bright flowers and maintain their vigor until late in fall, fancy pretty cheerful petals and delicately scalloped leaves. Marigold, beautiful saffron color and piquant smell  🙂 Some people can’t abide the smell of marigolds.